Updated on April 17, 2013

Research Topics

Topic 1: Solving America's Fuel Problem

With the ever-rising cost of petroleum products, many Americans are desirous of an affordable alternative to gasoline or diesel. Research the various alternatives to gasoline and write a 1000 word essay that elucidates your findings. For this essay, you should research and explain the various alternatives to gasoline and diesel. As part of your essay, research conversion costs as well. Give your opinion (thesis) as to which alternative(s) would be best for Americans. Be sure to cite your resources. Your final page should be a work cited page in which you cite all of your sources.

Car and Driver
Los Angeles Times
Popular Mechanics
New York Times
Government Energy Website
Change to E85 website

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Topic 2: Gun Control

With law makers debating new legislation for gun control, many people are wondering about the future of guns in America. If these tough new regulations are passed, will people still be able to have guns at home or carry guns with a gun permit? Research current laws and find out as much as you can about new legislation that is being proposed. How do you feel about gun control?

Brady Campaign
Violence Policy Center
National Issues
National Rifle Association
Jurist Education
No constitutional right to carry a concealed gun
Second Amendment
Constitutional Carry. What is it and why?
Expand Amendment 2
The Second Amendment

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Topic 3: Cloning

Cloning is the process of using genetic coding to reproduce an exact copy of another living thing. Since the first successful clone was produced in 1990 by Dr. Ian Wilmut, much debate has been sparked over the whole concept of cloning. Research cloning and the various uses for cloning. For this project you should research both sides of the argument.

Human Genome Project
Conceiving a Clone
Cloning Information

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Topic 4: Electoral College

Is it time to do away with the electoral College? Many people believe that the electoral college has outlived its usefulness. This is your chance to research and give your opinion on this topic.

What Is the Electoral College
Wong: State lawmakers consider joining effort to end Electoral College
Electoral-vote scheme still simmering in Pennsylvania
Electoral College Reform
Its Time to Tweak the Electoral College
Electoral College Reform
Democrats Fundraising and Listbuilding the Heck Out of Pileggi Electoral College Plan

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Topic 5: Marijuana

The debate on the legalization of marijuana has become a very hot topic. Some doctors believe that marijuana has medicinal value. Others argue that medicinal marijuana is just another excuse to get stoned. What do you think? Research this topic.Try to find information for both sides of the argument.

Marijuana abuse
marijuana research
Medical Marijuana
Research on Marijuana
MAPS Research

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